Wall stories


A wall story is a manifestation of a narrative taken from different aspects of our society today, through investigative research and development


Not to be confused with 'wall hangings', 'Wall Stories' are woven textile pieces that tell a narrative about different topics of interest in society.  






Typically Wall Stories are 10 to 15 inches in width and a minimum of 3 feet in length. Wall stories can come in diptych and triptych form. 


The yarns used of my Wall Stories range from piece to piece and are dependent on the topic they are based on. 

All the yarns used are 100% natural unless specified otherwise and range from cotton and wool, to latex, horse hair, organzine and silk. 


Depending on the collection or commission, wall stories can be based on any kind of research.

  • Data: Research and data collection can be turned into data manifestations. This is done by creating symbols or weave structures in combination with colors in representative numbers or percentages. 
  • Figurative: This research can be based on a novel, a family history